Monday, August 18, 2008

Teletoon apparently likes my film ...I hope you do too.

Exciting news folks! My independent student film, "A Romance In Graphite" was selected as one of the finalist films for the Teletoon animation scholarship in the category for most promising student. So, now, I can finally show the world the two minutes of film that took me an entire school year to create... Yaaaays! The film is an integration of 2-D traditional animation with stop-motion animation and is about a pencil who falls in love with its drawing. You can watch my wee little film on the Teletoon website found here under the Finalists tab and in the Most Promising Student category. The website can be mighty slow, so I added a copy of my film right here for you fluid viewing pleasure! Some other great friends of mine from Sheridan have also gotten their films accepted ("Fresh Eggs", "Taste of Glory", "C Block", "Parental Guidance" and "Two by Two") so be sure to check those out as well and vote for your favorite (or vote for mine, whatever makes you happy ;D). Anyways folks, I sure hope you like my attempt at film making and best of luck to all the finalists! WHOO!