Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pug or Ewok? Can't decide.

First post! First post! TOOT TOOT! Here you go.

I whipped this up earlier today. How can something be so ugly and so cute at the exact same time? It defies the laws of nature, gawdamnit.


Matthew Kalinauskas said...

Sweet Mel,

I like the wrinkels. He He He!

Cooked Art said...

Haha! Found your blog.

It's about damn time!


good dog drawing.


Cooked Art said...

Thanks Mel, both for the comment and for linking.

I have linked you too - our blogs are now joined in holy matrimony.

clifford chiu said...

link me!!!!!


ps. what happened to mel smash??

Guillaume said...

WOOH Mel you got yourself a blog! And you fancied it all up to boot, very nice indeed. I love everything you draw KEEP POSTING! =D

Tom Dougherty said...

That's a great little drawing there.